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#WeB3 Belongs To Me

Women's Worldwide Web #WWW3

These 8,888 digitally hand-drawn and meticulously crafted NFTs were created by fashion designer, taste maker and prolific creator, Daphne Alexiadou.



daphne alex

Daphne Alexiadou is a fashion designer, textile pattern designer and illustrator who lives in Athens, Greece. She has studied fashion, graphic design, and weaves together nature's patterns and human figures with joyful energy.

She's had multiple high profile clients as an illustrator and her artistic style has been praised as original and eye—catching. Since 2021 she has been the owner and designer of her own fashion brand, DAPHNE ALEX. Through her illustrations and pattern designs, she fashions a universe filled with inspiring women, flora and fauna, and everything chic and natural.

Her art has been displayed internationally, including PolyOne’s NFT exhibition in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan – Iraq, which was the largest ever outdoor NFT exhibition at the time. The stunning images of women were projected onto the historic Citadel of Erbil, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the oldest continually inhabited city on our planet in the Cradle of Civilization.

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  • PolyOne soft launch on Fall Equinox with the sale of Timelapse Project.
  • Natural Woman to be first project in PolyOne Global Impact Series.
  • Natural Woman goes live with Social Media
  • Daphne Alexiadou illustrates campaign to support women of Iran
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Goddess, Sage, Queen,
Mother or Lover:

We Must Lift Each Other

Twenty-five percent of proceeds from the sale of the Natural Woman collection will be donated to SEED Foundation Kurdistan as well as a Ukrainian charity TBD.

SEED Foundation is a remarkable organization based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq that works to protect, empower and support the recovery of survivors of violence and those at risk through:

  • Prevention and response to gender-based violence
  • Combating human trafficking and helping traficked victims
  • Providing psycho-social care in refugee camps and other facilities
  • Operating shelters for women
  • Strengthening protection for women and children through advocacy

Each year SEED provides safe shelter, mental health and psychosocial support, legal services, cash and other assistance to thousands of women and children, as well as men living in the KRI – including refugees from neighboring countries such as Syria and internally displaced people (IDPs) from other regions across Iraq.

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  • Our Merch

    Natural Woman is proud to have T-shirts seen within our collection of NFTs. All NFT owners will receive a Natural Woman t-shirt. Additional T-shirts or other styles, as well as exclusively designed bags and other accessories will be available for purchase after minting has commenced. All proceeds of NW Merch will go to our DAO treasury. Additionally, select pieces from the Daphne Alex fashion line will be made available through the website. Daphne Alex fashions are separate and not part of the Natural Woman line of merchandise.

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    01 - Nurture Nature

    The power is in our hands

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    02 - Hereos:

    We stand in Solidarity

    Some title

    03 - #Web3

    Worldwide Web of Women

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    04 - The Future is Woman

    We Are the Daughters of Gaia



    We are the daughters of Gaia, and in the effort to protect our planet, we know that all nature requires nuturing.

    At Natural Woman we plan to collaborate with women who are leaders in their field making a positive environmental impact to educate, mentor, and identify ways that women can assume a greater leadership role in the fight against climate change.
    Whether you're a woman in science, technology, the arts, education, business or law, we all have a job to do.
    Closer to home, women will always retain the power to change our consumable habits and routines. And mothers educate with bountiful and boundless example and love. Nurture is in our nature. We embrace that gift.
    We've had fair warning. We better clean house before Mother and Father get home.



    We cannot forget that freedom is hard won, and easily lost. As women and men who believe in gender equality we must stand in support of women everywhere who struggle for basic freedom.

    We don't pretend to know the depth of troubles that drive women to risk their lives in brave protest. But of one thing we are certain, there is no freedom without choice. It's a fact of Nature. In Iran, over 400 people were reported killed in protest, including children. More than 14,000 people arrested. And more than a dozen sentenced to execution. Natural Woman artist, Daphne Alexiadou, stepped up to the plate with five powerful images, each a unique Natural Woman, to help elevate consciousness to the significance these protests, sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini in custody of Iran's “morality” police. The brave women of Iran made history with the first-ever revolutionary movement to be led by women against a despotic and oppressive totalitarian regime. All women should feel empowered by their heroism. No matter our cultures, education or beliefs we must reach beyond ourselves with open hearts and minds, learn from each other and protect our freedom. In solidarity.



    We believe in the power of technology to improve our world. After all, blockchain technology and its core underlying philosophies of decentralization, immutability, transparency, ownership of one’s data and democratic governance make web3 and Natural Woman possible. We aim to empower women by educating them about blockchain, web3 and NFTs. Our aim is to engage women in technology as well as highlight women NFT artists from different mediums as we expand our community. It’s important that women play an active role in shaping the web3 experience. By connecting we can make web3 the Worldwide Web of Women. #web3belongstome #WeB3



    We are the Daughters of Gaia.

    At Natural Woman we believe Feminism is sacred. We never diminish men, or the sacred masculine because we believe equality serves a purpose in Nature. We see non-trivial gender distinctions as two parts of a whole, not as a line of division. As much within us as amongst us. One hundred percent of us are needed to rise to the challenges ahead. And in nature equal means balance and the purpose of equality is to ensure life.

    Natural Woman is an inclusive community. We promote equality of opportunity because women leaders are vital for our future. And life is all about love.